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This is a momentous occasion. It's the culmination of nearly four years of watching BSG. It's so big it needs a thread of its own. The fleet has arrived at the 13th colony...


Early in the show's run, I was totally fascinated with the Earth mythology and would often wonder what it would be like when we finally got to see it. Would it be our Earth? Would it be a BSG version of Earth? What kind of plans did Moore have for their ultimate destination? How would Earth fit into the grand scheme of things given that colonial society is nearly identical to our modern day western culture? I loved the mystery and the speculation. The whole Earth bit was a big part of what made the show great.

The subject of Earth was touched on every now and then in discussion, but ultimately, it took a back seat in a very long bus to a lot of other issues. Eventually I moved on as well, putting Earth in the back of my head, but not forgetting about it completely. Various episodes would touch on the 13th colony, including the show's eyebrow-raising season 3 cliffhanger, but everything felt like forward movement and nothing more. Excellent forward movement, and good teases, mind you, but not much else. Fastforward to a few months before season 4 and I found rumors about what we could expect to see. Supposedly the mid-season cliffhanger would have Starbuck and Leoben standing on a beach near some ruins or something like that, and it was supposed to be Earth. Again, it sounded mildly interesting, but not exciting. Then the last week or so brought us more spoilers and previews. We'd see the fleet and the Cylons set foot on an abandoned post-apocalyptic Earth. Finding out that so much was going to happen got me excited again. The long journey was over and I was going to see it.

Now I've seen the episode and WOW! The arrival was a grand thing to witness indeed, and now we have a lot of new questions along with a few of our existing ones. Thankfully the show will get a chance to explore them. No Voyager-style ending here. I think my biggest surprise is how quickly and suddenly we got to Earth. Just last week, it still felt so far away.

So there you have it. We're here. On Earth. Finally. ...and we're going to get something out of it. I can't wait.

I see that everyone has been totally into the Cylons and who the last one is, but how do you feel about the whole Earth angle on BSG? Are you excited about it? Is it a big deal to you? What did you expect to see?

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