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Re: Star Fleet X-Technology Heavy Cruiser

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Is the New Jersey the BCJ?

If so, I think the class was used for the Federation Commander: Klingon Attack cover - and other variants of the Fed battlecruiser can be found on the covers of both Klingon Border and Romulan Border.

(You can see said covers in wallpaper form here.)
You are correct sir!

The New Jersey class is indeed the BCJ.

Vance is also correct about using the Kirov class. The only difference between the three classes of Federation Battlecruiser is the pair of weapons mounted at the base of the neck. The Bismarck class (BCF) has Gorn Plasma Torpedoes, The Kirov class (BCG) has Drone Launchers, and the New Jersey class (BCJ) has Photon Torpedoes. Otherwise, the three classes are identical.

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