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Re: Star Fleet X-Technology Heavy Cruiser

MarianLH wrote: View Post
Tell Steve to put the New Jersey on the cover of something. She's my favourite SFB ship, and I'd love to see you do a model of her too.


Is the New Jersey the BCJ?

If so, I think the class was used for the Federation Commander: Klingon Attack cover - and other variants of the Fed battlecruiser can be found on the covers of both Klingon Border and Romulan Border.

(You can see said covers in wallpaper form here.)

Vance wrote: View Post
By the Penguin's request.. this is a test of the primary hull. I'll probably do a section a day pending what he thinks of each piece. (This is only here to get his attention, I'm not attempting to detract from his spiffy design in any way shape or form!)


Since I asked Icy, I may as well as you also, Vance - could you consider also doing a schematic for the Fed GSX, and if so could you please use the NCC-1821 USS Sakharov? (Sakharov was the ship which explored the Omega Octant for five years, from Y214-Y219 - as detailed in the timeline seen in both the Omega Master Rulebook and Module Omega 5.)

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