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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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United fans probably want 100 + Sergio Ramos and Robinho.
Ramos is good at going forward but defensive wise he is still lacking and would struggle in the PL. However if he worked hard like Evra he could cut it in England. I don't see Madrid letting him go though.
Why do you think he'll struggle? He has the pace and is very strong in the air. He has better technique than a lot of midfield players. As long as he doesn't play the CB he'll be fine defensively. Maybe Ramos of a year ago would be shaky but now he is much more matured in that part of his game. He is a natural successor to Paolo Maldini albeit he plays on the right side and has more scoring nous.
I just think he's not that great when it comes to actual defending though I do think he's the best defender for Real Madrid & Spain but thats not saying much since both do leak more goals than they should.
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