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Re: Zooey Deschanel: Genre babe of the week #24 (June 2008)

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I don't know why you're so surprised about Zooey's good result here.
I am beyond surprised. I just don't get y'all's tastes. By default I vote thumbs up for everyone simply because I'm the one that's putting them out there, but the voting patterns for some of the ladies have got me stumped. For example, take Zooey and Allison Mack, two girl-next-door types. There is nothing but unconditional Chloe love on this board, so I was surprised Allison got such a low score. But what puts Zooey ahead of her?

The next five GBOWs I'd take ahead of Zoey without hesitation every day of the week and twice on Saturdays.
To be honest, I'm more of person who goes on personality than looks. Obviously you can't do that in one of these threads, but my perception of what they're like as a person often clouds my judgement on my physical attraction to them, even if we're just supposed to be going on looks. But sometimes it won't, perhaps the same's true for others.
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