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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

TheArsenal wrote: View Post
The papers are reporting that Ronaldo has broken his silence and expressed a desire to go to Madrid.

Now how long before the claims of "misquoting"?
Not even misquoting, but complete fabrication. Ronaldo has done one press conferance since he joined the national team after the Champions League.

Scolari said in friday's Euro press conference that Ronaldo won't talk about his fate during the competition. He also went mad at a Spanish reporter that asked if he wasn't being disrespectful with Ferguson about the supposedly recomendation the Portuguese national team coach had given to Ronaldo to go to Real. Scorali said the journalist was the one being a douche as he never said that to Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, in a Portuguese paper, Mourinho stated that if Ronaldo was on the market, Inter should get into the action.

Garak wrote: View Post
If he wanted to stay in ManU for his career, or put in another year, he would have said it right after he won the CL trophy. Instead he was vague and coy, and now this report comes out. Plus I hear Real is prepared to offer an astounding 300k a week salary - nothing to shake your head at.
Here is the timeline for this whole deal. Back when he played for Sporting, he said that he had a dream of playing for Real Madrid. That was the end of it.

A few days before the Champions League final, he said to a Portuguese TV program that was doing a sort of cribs like episode on several national team players, that he saw his future in Manchester, no matter what the result of the Champions' final.

This is fact. Now I bet this whole soap opera started when his manager saw that on TV and thought, hey wait a minute, he is the best player in the world, so perhaps a pay raise is in order. So he went to Ronaldo and said, next time you speak about the future, be vague, which is exactly what the kid has been doing since.
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