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Deja Q

Plot Summary: The Enterprise is called to Bre'el IV, where a small moon is descending upon the planet, causing massive earthquakes and tidal waves as its orbit shrinks. While Picard's crew considers how to help, Q appears naked on the bridge and announces that he has been stripped of his powers. Dubious, Picard suspects the moon's deteriorating orbit to be Q's doing and first has Q thrown in the brig, then has Data keep an eye on the formerly omnipotent being while Q tries to adjust to the horrors of being human like sweating and hunger. Soon the Calamarain, a gaseous lifeform that Q once tortured, show up to attack Q. Picard cannot block the Calamarain and assist the Bre'el at the same time. Data puts his own life at risk when he attempts to protect Q. Touched by Data's willingness to sacrifice himself, Q takes a shuttlecraft to draw the Calamarain away from the Enterprise and Bre'el IV. But before the Calamarain can attack again - and before Picard can risk the ship or the planet with a rescue attempt - a second Q appears inside the shuttle, telling Q that because of this selfless act, Q's powers will be restored. Q thanks Picard and Riker with unwelcome cigars and pretty women, but he gives Data the opportunity to experience human laughter, something Data had told Q was one reason he wished to be human. The Bre'el hail the ship to thank Picard for restoring their moon's orbit, making Picard realize that Q has saved the planet as well.

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