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Re: Developing NCC-1701's Apex Class [3D]

I like them both, and I can see them each as starship classes.

I could see your larger Apex as the "real" Scout/Destroyer class Federation starships; like FJ's Saladin/Hermes. Maybe this one could even use the same nacelles as the Enterprise, or a somewhat scaled down version of the same technology.

Your smaller Apex could be much smaller class of vessel, like the SS Beagle or perhaps the remastered Aurora.

There is a way to make the aft section flow in the spheroid nose: As I suggested in my earlier (May 22) posting, the dome-like structure on the topside of the sphere, on which the bridge sits, could be stretched upward, so that the aft hull would blend into this sub-dome, and then the bridge would sit on top of that. This would blend the top of the sphere with the aft hull.
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