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There's just one thing that always bugged me about this episode, and that is the dimensional shifting transporter.

If such a weapon really existed, it would upset the entire "balance" of Trek technology. Such a weapon would be devastating in the hands of any of the Trek powers, as it renders shields pretty much useless. Why bother sending a person across at all, to have his DNA scrambled? Why not just dimensional shift a bomb or a photon torpedo directly into the engine room of any enemy vessel?

To suggest that such a powerful technology is known, old hat, and simply not used because of its affect on living tissue, anyhow it seemed like sort of a cop out to me. Or at least the implications of the tech simply were not thought through fully. Even if you had to beam a living person across, it seems like the terrorists wouldn't be the only ones willing to sacrifice a crewman to deliver explosives to an enemy ship. It doesn't seem like useless tech (unless you're a "suicidal terrorist") to me; quite the contrary.

Anyhow, that is the treknology geek that I am speaking. In terms of the message and the narrative, and ignoring the problems with dimensional shifting technology, which probably most people wouldn't even think twice about - yeah it was pretty good. The review was pretty good too.

One other comment about the ending. Riker's "You didn't have to kill him" at the end is probably the most ironic line in all of Trek, considering his completely unnecessary vaporizing of Youtah (sp?) just 2 weeks prior.
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