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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

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It's good - the guitar is way, way less difficult than GH and I like that. I just want to have fun in these games - not find everything a tiresome challenge.
It's not just that it's less difficult... the note charts in RB actually make sense, as opposed to GH3 where they're half random. Harmonix knows how to make good note charts, Neversoft did not. Hopefully they'll improve by GH4 or else I'll just skip it entirely.

If they do song creation and backwards compatibility with RB1 songs, I'll honestly have no reason to bother with GH4.
I really don't see the big deal in song creation in GH4. Yes, it'd be a cool thing to have, but as I understand it you basically make the note chart and it generates the music off of that. Unless I'm misunderstanding, it's not like you can import an mp3 and make a chart for it. And until someone does that (and no one will because of the IP concerns) I don't see the big deal.
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