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Re: deg3D_TOS.5 Enterprise

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Peace and Long Life to All.

Ah TOS E, my life-long love affair with her (although I love all Es, just TOS E the most). Yet, given the day-and-age I decided to give her a bit of an industrial design upgrade/face-lift.

I am not changing any of her beautiful lines (no need IMO), the fantastic clean esthetic that Matt gave us, that I love sO much, but I am tweaking her parts a bit to bring her up-to-speed with today's level of more realistic detailing.

She is still a WIP, with about 70% of her modeling now done. The main hull/saucer detailing is pretty much all that is left to do (modeling-wise anywho), then on to painting...

Hope you like her as much as I do (and if not, that's cool too), and nice to meet a fellow bunch of Trekkers.


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My TOS.5 Enterprise... (click on thumbs for larger versions)

VERY nice!

And that hangar deck rocks, even though it's not strictly faithful to what's shown onscreen.
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