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Re: deg3D_TOS.5 Enterprise

Thanks guys.

NiteTrek wrote: View Post
...but I could do without the naked man.
LOL, he's just my 6' 1" scale dude NiteTrek, but he should probably get his uniform from his quarters at some point though. He'll be put on report until he does.

Wingsley wrote: View Post
The interior of the hangar deck looks rather TNGish. Is that on purpose?
The shuttlebay is based on TOS (basic structure) and TMP(s) (mostly V, detailing and deck lines), a kinda hybrid of the two Wingsley. While I love TNG, I'm not a huge fan of the art direction of that period. Not enough to actually build something from it anywho. And TNG is a bit too far of a leap into the future to incorporate that style into my TOS.5 take.

Thanks again guys.


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