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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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The trouble with a divorce between club and international football is the clubs will run all over the international game, the non-European confederations in particular will suffer. They try to do that now, every chance they get. Without a body controlling both club and country football, I doubt seriously a player would ever be released for say, the African Cup of Nations.
The World Cup and the Euros won't be ran over. The same can be said about the Asian Cup, the Copa America, and the Gold Cup. I think a divorce would be good as it allows both sides to negotiate more instead of just FIFA dominating over everyone. The African Nations Cup should be moved to every 4 years. FIFA should also compensate the clubs for any player on international duty which has caused the said player to miss at leat one club match.

The problem, as I see it, is not FIFA itself. It is the people who run it. They are very uncomfortable with the shift in power from international to club football where they can exercise less control. Add to this power shift the fact they are even more uncomfortable with the 4 of the biggest clubs in the world being situated in England. And even more worrisome for the pinheads in Zürich is the largest emerging football markets, Asia and North America, naturally gravitate to the English game. More treasure into the Premier league's coffers. More dominance of English clubs.
Do you really want a massive world government style sporting body wielding a hammer over the state of your domestic football leagues? There is an old saying: "power (and money in this case) corrupts all" and FIFA has way too much power.

For me FIFA is nothing more than a monstrosity. They are worse than the U.N. in the sense that they actually have great power.
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