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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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If by "homegrown" you mean developed by the club (i.e. they played for the club between the ages of say 16 and 18) but regardless of nationality then I totally support that. Of course, I am biased because at Arsenal we have a number of such players and more coming through.

But you can't do it by nationality, not in Europe.

I don't support propping up bad players just because they've got the right passport. Competition is what makes players better. Even David Bentley agrees on that point.
If Arsenal can't field 4 English players in a 18 man squad (don't have to start or play) then we might as well scrap international football in England. I don't agree with Blatter but the clubs need to do more and I can't see why a compromise cannot be achieved.
First off, it's an attack on the Premier League. Other leagues use far more "home grown" players and the rising dominance of the English clubs alarms the anti-English sentiment of FIFA, and Blatter in particular. The insulting, but accurate, implication is fielding more English players will bring down the quality of the big sides.

Secondly, Hermiod makes a point. It's less about English than "home grown". Most believe this will harm the Gunners the most. Not true. As soon as Blatter began belching out this noxious idea, and a little before, Wenger has been planning for it. Arsenal buying 16 and 17 years olds a ways from the first team, looks less head scratching when you consider it in light of the potential rule change.
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