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More Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

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Since there's a definite "Steam Trek" look to the ship design, the bridge might reflect 19th century thinking as well.

Those "classic" bridges atop the superstructure near the bow of a ship, spanning the entire beam of the vessel and including the wheelhouse, are a fairly recent invention first adopted in steam-powered warships in the late 19th century, to afford the commanding officers a view unobstructed by the smokestacks and other new stuff cluttering the deck.

Your ship certainly has lots of visual obstructions, but the internal layout of the bridge can't help much with that. Still, it might be fun to go with a very linear layout, essentially a long corridor with one wall consisting of that row of six windows. The captain would pace the corridor, where a steering pulpit would dominate the center, and a number of seated workstations or pedestals would spread symmetrically to left and right. And perhaps the main viewscreen would be against the aft bulkhead, analogous to a map stapled to the wall?

Such a unique setup might give added value to a fan film project, too.

Timo Saloniemi

Here is some info from the designer Albertese...

Interesting. So are you planing to build two bridge sets or having one to redress as the different ships? I've had a chance to do some drawings of what I had in mind for the bridge of the ship as i originally designed it. (unfortunately still no progress on getting my own computer fixed, so i can't really show you what I'm talking about.)

The bridge as i am conceiving it would be about 20'x30' with a real cozy ready room and conference room on either side (port and starboard) which would make the whole set more like 30'x40' IIRC (again, I'm at my buddy's house to use the computer so I don't have the drawing in front of me). Not knowing exactly what you're using as a stage area, I don't know if that would fit your space or not.

Some ideas I might be able to describe:

Flat Walls.
Even if you do go with a round bridge, you should make it out of flat sections. If you look at Kirk's bridge, it was made almost totally of flat panels, even though it seemed round. In fact the only curved panels were on the ceiling fairings and even those were only curved in one axis. This will make it fit well with trek continuity as well as be quicker and easier to build by you and your crew.

Captain's Chair:
I would put more displays immediately around the captain's seat. Almost like what Sisko had around his seat on the Defiant, but a little more substantial. The chair itself ought to be more like Archer's and less like Kirk's.

Helm Console:
I would make a one seat station out of this, not too unlike Mayweather's station on NX-01. One idea I had that I think would set it apart from other bridges would be to have an overhead console as well. This would have displays on it, but I'm not seeing actual controls given that it'd not be in convenient reach for whoever is sitting there. This would help to break up the space of the room and make it seem kind of cluttered. I think that a more "stuff-in-the-way" look like in a submarine would lend itself to the era you're trying to represent.

I like the idea of windows on the front, but I thought it would be cool for the captain to have a smallish (30" or so) viewscreen mounted to the ceiling that would serve all the same functions of the viewscreen we're familiar with from the other shows.

just some info I thought you might like to have.


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