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Re: Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

Since there's a definite "Steam Trek" look to the ship design, the bridge might reflect 19th century thinking as well.

Those "classic" bridges atop the superstructure near the bow of a ship, spanning the entire beam of the vessel and including the wheelhouse, are a fairly recent invention first adopted in steam-powered warships in the late 19th century, to afford the commanding officers a view unobstructed by the smokestacks and other new stuff cluttering the deck.

Your ship certainly has lots of visual obstructions, but the internal layout of the bridge can't help much with that. Still, it might be fun to go with a very linear layout, essentially a long corridor with one wall consisting of that row of six windows. The captain would pace the corridor, where a steering pulpit would dominate the center, and a number of seated workstations or pedestals would spread symmetrically to left and right. And perhaps the main viewscreen would be against the aft bulkhead, analogous to a map stapled to the wall?

Such a unique setup might give added value to a fan film project, too.

Timo Saloniemi
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