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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well 2-0 and a better 2nd half performance which is a surprise for ENG but still I wush he would use friendlies to play more fringe players...

James (6) - Had nothing really to do though did not make any mistakes when called upon.

Brown (5) - Easily the weak link at the back and made several shocking passes

Ferdinand (7) - Was solid when needed though Capello's new tactics does not let Ferdinand show his ability on the ball.

Terry (8) - Lead by example and scored a real good header. Stopped everything USA came at him with, best performance for ENG for a while.

A.Cole (7) - Solid display though left to attack all on his own at times due to Gerrard free role.

Beckham (7) - Passing and crossing was solid enough plus setting up Terry's goal capped of a good night.

Hargreaves (7) - Attacking wise needs to improve but he passed well and tackled even better.

Lampard (5) - Not really seen during game, looked a little tired plus Gerrard on the left pushed him to a mundane role not really his fault.

Gerrard (8) - Englands best attacking player and linked up well with Rooney and took his goal with fine finishing. However when pushed to the left wing he could not cross and also left that position a little too much for my liken.

Rooney (6) - Played better than past two games and did well with Gerrard but a few passes were too loose and not greedy enough for me. Too busy setting up people and not shooting.

Defoe (5) - Got into space for the chances but failed everytime, never shown off his pace and did not work that well with Rooney.


Johnson (6) - Better engine than Brown and a natural right back which showned near end when he made an overlapping attack run.

Barry (7) - Set up Gerrard with a fantastic pass after just coming on and suited the formation better than Lampard.

Bentley (6) - Tried and made 2 decent crosses but rest were a waste. Does not have the threat Beckham does on the ball.

Crouch (5) & J.Cole (5).
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