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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^ Hope thats not true because...

Brown is not a natural rightback and we have friendlies for a reason to test out new players. Glen Johnson should start at right back since he's fresher and Wes Brown was poor in Capello's first two games in charge.

Gerrard and Lampard is tried and failed and only should be applied when chasing a game or playing a small team who don't pose a threat and USA do NOT fall into that category so I want to see Barry or Hargreaves with Lampard tonight.

We all know J.Cole is our best attacking player at the moment so we don't need to see much of him in the next 2 games and Ashley Young should start.

James is good but prone to 1 mistake minimum per ENG game, so let Hart have a go or give Carson a 2nd chance. Injury free, Kirkland is the best ENGLAND keeper until FOSTER gets more experience anyway.

Fabio needs to start using friendly games properly by testing new players with a mix of regular players.
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