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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

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Another thing I puzzle over re the Loos model is the fact that all it has two port nacelles. You can see that the intercooler gizmo on the outboard side of the port nacelle is on the inboard side of the starboard one. I wonder if this was a mistake, or just that they had two castings of the port nacelle and temporarily mounted the second on the model while the starboard one was being fabricated.
I'm of the opinion that it was done for convenience of the test fitting of the various parts. In addition to making sure that the model itself came together correctly, they were also making sure that it worked with the other model it would be sharing screen time with in the pilot... the dock.

Personally, if I had been building this model I would have stopped work on the nacelle once I had reached the point were they stop being symmetric and made a casting of them at that point. It would have been easier to make the additional elements for the port and starboard versions after the nacelle bodies were cast and just added them on.

One of the models cast from the Phase II Enterprise parts sold on ebay a couple months ago for just over $15,000 (here). It started at $3,000 but didn't stay that low for very long. It would have been interesting to see if it would be possible to restore it to the original Phase II specifications.
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