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'Star Trek XI' Ship Details

New Federation and Romulan ships will appear in Star Trek XI including one of a class never seen before on Star Trek.

As reported by, much of the Star Trek XI action will take place on the Enterprise NCC-1701, commanded by both Christopher Pike and James Kirk. Approximately four weeks out of the twenty weeks of shooting took place on the Bridge of this ship. Other parts of the ship that will be seen are: sickbay, crew quarters, corridors, engineering and the transporter room.

Another Federation ship is named the USS Kelvin, a starship one generation before the Enterprise. The Kelvin is of a new ship class and is smaller than the Enterprise. Captain Robau will be commanding it with George Kirk as his first officer.

Spock will be traveling in time and will be using a small Vulcan ship specially constructed for time travel. He will be the only crewperson on the ship.

The Romulans, villains of the film, will be arriving from the twenty-fourth century. Their interior ship design is supposedly different than the TNG-era Romulan design and is said to be "surreal". Nero (Eric Bana) will be commanding this ship.

Other ship locations which are known to be appearing in Star Trek XI include: a medical shuttle (from the USS Kelvin era), transport shuttle and a Federation ship bridge simulator for Kobayashi Maru testing.

To read more, head to the article located here.

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