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Re: Cate Blanchett: Genre babe of the week #22 (May 2008)

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She's got something attractive about her. And the whole British thing is a plus, but she's so odd looking I can't in good conscience give her a thumbs up. I'll give her a sideways though, 'cause, truthfully, I'd hit that Elven ass with my +5 Vorpal sword.
Actually, she's an Aussie.

No shit? I've never seen her play one. She's seemingly always a Brit. Aussie makes it even better. Nice.

As a side note, she was pretty damn hot as a Commie in IJATKOTCS. I really didn't want her to ________ at the end, but hey, she's the baddie. The pale porcelain skin, sea gray eyes and raven black hair combo was quite alluring. That and the Aussie news might just have bumped my sideways upwards had I known prior to voting. Damn.

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