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Re: Neophyte CG Trek Ship Design

Hmmmmm.....intriguing. I could go for something like that at "S.T.: New Worlds". Have you written-down any of your concept in Microsoft Works / Word? I'd love to see you submit it, (& with your permission I'd edit/co-author,) to include plausible bits of future-history between Wolf 359 & The Dominion War.

The 24rd century ship is caught by a discharge from the wildly unpredictable Rashanar energy fields (from the "A Time To..." pro-lit series,) similar to the volcanic whirls in the Badlands (caused by exploded Romulan singularity engine cores during battles with the U.S.S. Excelsior, U.S.S. Enterprise-A & their sister ships.)

In a manner very similar to the Soyuz-Class U.S.S. Bozeman in TNG's "Cause & Effect", the "U.S.S. ---------------" becomes ensnared, sucked-in, bashed about like a cheap rubber toy raft on white water rapids & suddenly expelled about 47 years in Starfleet's "TMP-era / Lost Years-era" past. /
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