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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

Shaw wrote: View Post
Ummm... you guys do know that the best way to match up with the details of those paintings is to start out with what they were based on... the 18" AMT Enterprise Model Kit.
I for one realize that. I was simply adding to the reference images. The "dimples" do give away the AMT source, but as many of the other details match the miniature Loos was building, I thought it was interesting additional reference.

On the blueprint image you posted with the pentagonal docking port, is that the cross section of the engine pylon I see at the base where it connects to the hull?

One thing I find curious is that, although an oversize section of the Phase II hull was built complete with the pentagonal docking port, that same feature doesn't appear to be present on Loos miniature, which makes me wonder if/when it was dropped.

Another thing I puzzle over re the Loos model is the fact that all it has two port nacelles. You can see that the intercooler gizmo on the outboard side of the port nacelle is on the inboard side of the starboard one. I wonder if this was a mistake, or just that they had two castings of the port nacelle and temporarily mounted the second on the model while the starboard one was being fabricated.
Starship Polaris wrote: View Post
The Mike Minor painting that reflects the TMP changes was done later, after the changes had been made to the TMP model (not the Phase II model). He also included some red striping on the saucer which may have been intended but was never actually applied to the model.
Well, actually, they were applied to the model at a point before the ship got it's final rework, but after that happened, the decals were left off. You can see them on the model on page 158 of The Art of Star Trek.
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