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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

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HOWEVER, it appears Minor kept reworking the painting as the show developed, and even refit-ized it once.

Click HERE for a bigger image


Make of all this what you will.
Now isn't that interesting. If that really is a Phase-II era painting, it helps make sense out of this image from Star Trek: The Magazine:

(Click for larger version.)

The text caption from that page:
Star Trek: The Magazine wrote:
When Bob [Wise] joined the project several models and sets had been constructed for a planned TV series; he was insistant that everyhing be rebuilt, so that it could be presented properly on the big screen. The model of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE nearly doubled in size, and the new sets were built to the highest standards; both stood the test of time and remained in use for over a decade.
This model is pretty dang close to the Minor painting, with the exception of the deflector dish and red markings on the saucer. Is it possible the the Phase II model saw continual upgrades throughout its construction (as deadlines came and went), so that the final version looked like this? And it does appear to have the inset, glowing blue deflector instead of the dish.
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