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Star Wars: Spirits of the Force and Fool's Errand

Star Wars: Spirits of the Force (live action, drama, 22 min.)

Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn (from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight video games) returns to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. He & Jaina Solo (Han & Leia's daughter from the novels) attempt to solve the mystery of the dark dreams that everyone has been having.

Star Wars: Fool's Errand (live action, drama, 34 min.)

In this sequel to Spirits of the Force, Kyle Katarn & young apprentice Kit Parson investigate a shady weapons dealer named Jonos Belot. Meanwhile, Kyle's co-pilot Jan Ors & Jedi Master Bendeen track down a mysterious shipment tied to the impending war between Ond'os & Cod'os.

Both can be downloaded @ along with the trailer for the impending 3rd installment Star Wars: Reflections of Evil.
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