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I loved this one as well. I am not sure, but I always assumed it was written with Vietnam Vets in mind, and their troubles (often) assimilating back into society. Which probably makes it very relevant today, as noted.

This is a very appropriate episode to review for Memorial Day weekend. I dunno if that was on purpose or not, Meg.

This episode is about as "Star Trek" as you can get - socially relevant, well written, plenty of action, and a speechifying captain at the end. Great stuff.

Sometimes I felt like Danar's actions during his escape attempts were maybe a little predictable, or at least felt like the Enterprise crew should not have been as surprised and flustered as they were. Particularly, I am thinking of Riker, considering he sometimes employed similar wildly improvisational tactics. ("Best of Both Worlds II" which is coming up, and "Peak Performance" come to mind.) Anyhow, that's my only real complaint.

And some of that may just be because I've seen it so many times. Meg's comment about not knowing what he was going to do next was interesting to me.
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