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Re: Urban on McCoy and 'Star Trek XI'

Urban as McCoy is going to be interesting. There's something about his face that gives me a McCoy vibe. Hopefully they abandoned the "dare devil" aspect mentioned in the casting sheet though. I don't want to see him throw any punches or go rock climbing or something like that.

This whole movie is going to be slightly surreal.

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What Urban is really saying here is that it's been seventeen years since these particular characters have appeared on the big screen. That's not to slight the TNG cast or any Trek that follows. It's about reviving Star Trek in its original form.
That's funny cause this new movie doesn't even look like Star Trek in it's original form.
Of course it doesn't. It's 2008 not 1966. I think most rational people understand that. Well I guess instead of making one movie for 150 million they could have made a few hundred episodes using the original sets and production techniques. But then again The Cage doesn't match Where No Man Has Gone Before (the very next Star Trek produced!) exactly either, so whose to say what is proper for Star Trek? Oh yeah, it's Paramount.

Your complaints have nothing to do with "quality" anyway, which is subjective for the most part, just the direction of the production. You don't like the direction then don't support it. Complaining about it isn't going to change anything. Find fan productions that are similar to your vision to support. Or better yet create something Star Trek related that you'd like to see.
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