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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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There are lots of suggestions, and I appreciated them all. I'd heard of Return of the Wolf Man, but since it's out of print, I kept forgetting to check eBay for it. I'm glad the thread prompted me to check on it again, because I spotted an auction that only had a day or so left, and I only paid $24 for it. Which is a lot to pay for a mass market paperback, but since the lowest seller's price on Amazon is $47, I feel pretty fortunate. I guess you just have to be patient and keep watching.
Holy Toledo, I didn't even look at the prices. On Alibris, they're going for $99 and $235! And the book is only ten years old. You'd think they'd keep it in print.

I don't want to oversell it, but it's a just plain good read. It sort of captures an era, with the main characters being boys in the early '60s, which is before my time, but there's something about being a kid that he gets just right. Plus, I just like horror stories that feature well-drawn kids pitted against some sort of evil. That must be why I like The Monster Squad so much.
It's slightly before my time, too, but I came in at the end of that Drive-In movie generation, so it should work for me. Anyway, that edge-of-puberty age is pretty much Prime Time for that kind of story, so anybody should be able to relate. This one certainly does sound a lot like It-- and, like It, is incredibly long; I think horror writers have a lot of childhood issues to work out.
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