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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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One weird thing about The Ruins that I forgot to mention: It hasn't got any chapters. It's got little breaks here and there to indicate the passage of time, but no numbered chapters. I think that had something to do with how hard it seemed to put it down.
I'll have to remember that little trick.
It was pretty effective, in its way. You finish a section on a bit of a cliffhanger, then you see the next part just half an inch below that. I kept thinking, Well, just a little bit more.

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A few weeks back, I posted this thread looking for werewolf books.
And I'll have to go through that when I have time; I love werewolf stories, but good ones are hard to find.
There are lots of suggestions, and I appreciated them all. I'd heard of Return of the Wolf Man, but since it's out of print, I kept forgetting to check eBay for it. I'm glad the thread prompted me to check on it again, because I spotted an auction that only had a day or so left, and I only paid $24 for it. Which is a lot to pay for a mass market paperback, but since the lowest seller's price on Amazon is $47, I feel pretty fortunate. I guess you just have to be patient and keep watching.

I kind of did that with The Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon, too. It's also out of print, but the prices are much more reasonable. But I still shelled out a bit ($15 or so) to get a nice copy. I have to admit that I'm surprised at the shape it's in, given that it's a 20-year-old book.

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Simmons's Summer of Night (buy that one, dammit, RJD)
How can I say no? It will be in with my next order.
I don't want to oversell it, but it's a just plain good read. It sort of captures an era, with the main characters being boys in the early '60s, which is before my time, but there's something about being a kid that he gets just right. Plus, I just like horror stories that feature well-drawn kids pitted against some sort of evil. That must be why I like The Monster Squad so much.
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