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This is something else I've been noodling with - basically, a big exercise in personal nostalgia.

This is the very first mesh I ever finished, using Imagine 3.0 running under MS-DOS on a PC clone in 1994-1995. It was intended to be a "Next Generation" version of a Constitution class ship.

I eventually lost all the mesh files, transferring from one machine to another, but I had done a pretty complete set of blueprints in CorelDraw. So a few months ago I decided to recreate the mesh from those drawings.

I've improved the modeling as much as I could, but deliberately haven't improved or changed the design of the ship at all. So it's a bit of a monstrosity.

The modeling is done, but only a little of the texturing - and has no lighting yet. I'll finish and release it over at sometime in the next few weeks.

First, the only surviving render of the original mesh, which I used as part of the cover for a set of blueprints that were sold at conventions:

And the new mesh:

137th Gebirg - you have an elevation view of this ship at your Starship Database site, scanned from one of the blueprint packets.

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