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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

Thanks, guys.

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Very nice- however in the movie posters in the comic books that I have, there seems to be a significant amount off windows. Especially on the saucer, though the egineering section seems to have many windows too. I assume you have seen these images, and if so, why leave them off the render?
Because the poster image you're referring to - which is very cool - is art created after the fact for marketing purposes related to ST-TMP. All of those windows and much of the suggestions of nerny detailing don't have anything to do with the actual design of the "Phase II" ship as drawn by Jefferies or constructed by Loos or rendered from those references by Mike Minor during the period that the series was in pre-production. Dynamic as it is, the poster image doesn't accurately reflect what was designed and (partly) built.

I based the window placement on the mesh directly on Jefferies' detailed drawings of the engineering hull, photographs of the interconnecting neck on the Don Loos model, and on the Minor art - the last indicates that the arrangement of windows on the saucer would have been very similar to the TOS ship, so I used that vessel for additional reference to fill it out a bit.

This mesh sits at about 75,000 polygons, I think.
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