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Re: Ron Moore's 'Virtuality'

Jack Bauer wrote: View Post
Eh...sounds more like miniseries material rather than a multi-season series.
Why does it sound like a miniseries? They can do a different theme every week. Let's go to ancient Rome, let's go to the Wild West, let's go to medieval China. And why not alien worlds? This is one of the least limited premises I've heard about for a TV show.

The problem won't be volume of episode ideas, it will be the audience asking why-do-I-care when none of it is real and the adventures can't even get the characters killed. I guess even if they can't get killed, they can still get psychologically messed up. That's trickier to write convincingly (especially as the psychosis accumulates) but I'm curious to see RDM try.

One thing's for sure, RDM can't afford to write BSG-style off-putting characters because with so little at stake other than the characters' mental states, we're really going to need to love those characters to stay interested in their fates.
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