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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

Very nice- however in the movie posters in the comic books that I have, there seems to be a significant amount off windows. Especially on the saucer, though the egineering section seems to have many windows too. I assume you have seen these images, and if so, why leave them off the render?

I too thought this was a neat concept. A bridge between TOS and TMP Enterprise. It always seemed pausible to me that after the first 3 years of the 5 year mission, this could have been how the ship was refitted over time. In pieces that were replaced- first the warp nacelles, pylons, and engineering section. The bridge module is swapped out. Modifications are made to the neck and the photon torpedoe launcher. The saucer is refitted with more windows- and whatever. By the end of the 5 year mission, we have this ship, and it is this ship that is "Refitted" into the MP Enterprise. Making the transition to the motion picture "refit" more reasonable. Decker's statement is so much more reasonable because this one is closer looking in a lot of respects (especially the engineering section). This is a ship that seemed plausible in the Star Trek universe.

Well done!

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