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This is something I've been fiddling with, off and on, for a long time. I've been fascinated by Jefferies' design for the refit Enterprise since I first saw Mike Minor's renderings of it in Starlog back in 1978.

The modeling is complete except for airlock and running light details. I haven't done any texturing yet.

As reference for this, I've used the Jefferies drawings available online as well as photographs of the partially completed model and Minor's color renderings. Where there are inconsistencies I've privileged the Jefferies art over the model and the model over the Minor renderings. I've done my best to ignore what I know about the TMP improvements, and invented, added and extrapolated very very little. Therefore the detailing on this version may be rather plain, even compared to the original TOS shooting model.

My intent was to get as close as I could to what Jefferies appears to have intended the ship to look like.

This is in Lightwave, and I'll release the mesh over at as soon as it's textured - probably about two weeks, as I have some work I'm doing for other folks that needs to be finished up immediately.
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