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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

Wait, what was I thinking?

If I'm assuming the Gene Roddenberry role here, I will be handling the acceptance speech. Please, the rest of you, get out of my way.

"I, Samuel T. Cogley, want to thank all of you for this lovely award. I can honestly say that the entire thing was my idea, and I did it all myself, with no help from anyone. It represents my unchanging vision of the future, which will not change. Also, you can buy pins featuring this design in the lobby. My wife makes them in her spare time. Now, can I get a drink already? And who's that hottie in the front row..."
"If I didn't keep getting distracted by an avatar showing a sombrero'd dog getting his engineering hull penis substitute cut off I'd probably say that the above post was a point well made." - ITL
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