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Ron Moore's 'Virtuality'

Virtuality, Ron Moore's new show, is more than just a holodeck episode series.

As reported by io9, Virtuality will be "multi-layered and twisted."

Virtuality is a bleak look at the effects of a ten year deep space expedition on a human crew. To cope, the crew of the Phaeton spends time in virtual reality "modules", which range from seaside scenes to Civil War battles.

But there is a twist to these fantasy adventures. An enigmatic character shows up in each and kills the humans in a gruesome way. Fortunately for the crew, being killed in virtual reality isn't fatal, just unsettling.

To add to the drama, the crew of the Phaeton is being watched by the folks back home, as a "reality show". The crewmembers must participate, even as the drama is kicked up a notch, lest they breach their contracts, which would cost their families back on Earth their housing. Good housing is hard to obtain as Earth appears to have ecological issues.

The show will have various subplots; ranging from the antics of two couples (one gay couple on galley duty who despise cooking and one straight couple who engage in sex secretly all over the ship) to the various virtual reality scenarios cooked up by crewmembers, including a cyber-affair and a reconstruction of a scientist crewmember's dead son.

Virtuality is slated to appear in midseason 2009 as a two-hour pilot.

To read more, head to the article located here.

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