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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

jon1701 wrote: View Post
Gep, that shits all over mine. I rushed the last update.

Much better.
Why, thank you. *wishes we had a blushing emoticon*

I saved the .psd file of it, which I could host if anybody wants; that way, we could all work off a master file without further .jpg degridation. You know. Like the pros.

Edit: What the hell. Here it is.

jon1701 wrote: View Post
Just need the legs now. And can someone animate the vectoring nacelles? As a gif perhaps?

Really starting to come together now. We'll show those bastards at paramount.
I've never done an animated gif, but I'm game if somebody could point me in the direction of some tutorials.. Let's get those revisionist Paramount bastards!
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