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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

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Ok, Worf added as well as the Knight Rider L.E.D. light at the front. I think we are getting close now. I think this is what we are going to get in the new movie. The deflector dish is in front of Worf's face, but I didn't want to run without the deflector. I'm not sure whether it would be safe.

Can Worf's face deflect asteriods and space debris?

I'm thinking of submitting it to the Trek Art Forum

Can we move the deflector dish down a bit? Like Worf is holding it with his teeth?

And can we have an actual Pez candy (or approximation) being shot out of Shatner's mouth (but not obscuring his face?).

This is really coming together.

Thank God we still have a year until the movie comes out. I only hope it's enough time to get this right.
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