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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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The fact that Terry slipped, who was one of the very few likable guys on the pitch there is typical though.

Terry is likeable? hahahaha.
Terry is a loudmouth arrogant fool
John Terry is a fucking hero.

In a time where football is dominated by fancy assholes that dive, fake injuries and are more concerned with their hairstyles than anything else, John Terry plays hard every night, doesn't engage in any of the cheating bullshit that infests and plagues the game and he doesn't let injuries slow him down and comes back as quick as humanly possible from them because he's a true leader. The guy dislocated his shoulder 10 days ago for crying out loud, did you see the game he had last night (up untill his PK that is)? That's called heart, and it is severely lacking in football these days.

Football would be a hell of a lot better off if there were more players like John Terry playing in it and I guarantee the fringe fans would be a lot more in to it, who are normally turned off by the flopping nancy boys we normally see these days.

As for the game, it was fucking epic. Too bad about the result, but I was entertained throughout. Funny how people say Chelsea are boring but they were by far the more exciting team out there. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
Ice up son, ice up.

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