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Gary Kasparov Strafed by Flying Dildo-Copters

Watch this while singing "Flying dildos, FLYING DILDOS, FLYING DILDOS, they're coming for you" to Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries':


Activists Release Flying Penises At Garry Kasparov Political Rally.

The incident took place at a weekend political rally in Moscow. The meeting was being address by Russian chess champion turned Kremlin critic, Garry Kasparov, when a remote-controlled flying penis flew through the room.

The meeting, which was called to convene and alternative parliament aimed at restoring democracy, was attended by about 500 Kremlin critics.

The device - which appeared to be a modified twin-rotor toy helicopter - caused an immediate commotion.

A video taken at the event shows the chopper briefly evading capture before a man later identified as a security guard leaps from the stage and swats the device with a left hook.

According to the Moscow Times website, the prank was staged by "a couple of pro-Kremlin Young Russia activists" who had launched a "plastic phallus on propellers".


Mad props (see what I did there?) to Kareemov al Jabbarovich for the swat down at the end there as well.
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