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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I think its fair to safe Ronaldo can do it in the finals because his goal was taken very well and he troubled Essien all night long. I feel sorry for Rooney who was repressed by Fergies tactics though he made several excellent passes that reminded me of David Beckham.
I thought that was just bad tactics by Grant. I have cringed whenever Essien is being played at the RB. One his talent is clearly being the driving force in the midfield. Two he has very little defensive nous. Considering his quickness and pace he could've easily kept Ronaldo in his pockets just like what Ashley Cole does nearly all of the time. Fergie got it right by telling Ronaldo to stay on the left side. Look at the Barca game this year with Zambrotta shutting down Ronaldo and the Milan games last year with the combo of Oddo and Maldini which made him invisible. Why didn't Chelsea go out and get a proper RB this time.
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