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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Now thats a proper final, a game of two halves indeed and a large slick of 1999 luck for Utd with the woodwork just like back then saving them twice. Extra time was fairly even and what a header by Terry to keep Giggs shot away from the goal but am happy Man Utd won for Paul Scholes especially.

Drogba is a complete fool and I think sealed his own fate concering his Chelsea future and I didn't expect Terry to miss but then again the same could be said for Ronaldo who needs to cut out tricks for pens.

I think its fair to safe Ronaldo can do it in the finals because his goal was taken very well and he troubled Essien all night long. I feel sorry for Rooney who was repressed by Fergies tactics though he made several excellent passes that reminded me of David Beckham.
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