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Developing NCC-1701's Apex Class [3D]

I'm sure many of you will remember NCC-1701's Apex Class thread (see here). Well, I was very impressed with the look of his designs, especially this sketch:

And with NCC-1701's permission I've set out to develop this idea a little further and build up a 3D model.

In NCC-1701's thread the design evolved into a more of Daedelus era ship, whereas here I want to keep more of the TOS look about the design.

I'm still in the early stages of building the 3D model. My main departure from NCC-1701's sketch is the integration of the shuttlebay "module" with the upper section of the engineering hull. Although, I do like the modular look in the sketch, I couldn't quite reconcile the off-set shuttlebay with my chosen number of deck for the ship (9 main decks).

Here's how it looks so far:

More coming soon...

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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