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The Defector

Plot Summary: Riker interrupts Data's rehearsal of Henry V to call the android and his director - the captain - to the bridge. A Romulan scout ship is spotted crossing the Neutral Zone with a larger Romulan warbird in pursuit. The pilot of the scout ship begs for asylum and is brought aboard the Enterprise, where he warns Picard that the Romulans have established a base on Nelvana III from which they plan to launch a massive invasion in less than two days. When Picard expresses doubts that a low-ranking pilot could have so much tactical information on Romulan military buildups, the pilot admits that he lied about his rank; he is actually Admiral Jarok, the onetime leader of a vicious attack on Federation outposts. Since then, Jarok has had a child, and now he wants her to grow up in a peaceful galaxy, even if she is taught to believe that her father is a traitor for betraying Romulan secrets. Worf is extremely suspicious of this Romulan and says that the Klingon ships in the region would not blindly follow a Romulan into a trap that might make them look like the aggressors in a war. Still, Picard makes the decision to take the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone and to Nelvana III, where there is no sign of a Romulan base. While Picard wonders whether Jarok's loyalty was being tested by superiors who fed him false information, three Romulan warships arrive and decloak. Commander Tomalak from Galorndon Core demands Picard's surrender, but just as Tomalak orders his ships to fire, three Klingon ships uncloak in strategic positions to ensure a stalemate. Tomalak retreats, but Jarok commits suicide.

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