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Re: Shatner On The Past And Being Remembered

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Unfortunatly the SHAT is too blinded by his own awesomeness to see what other people are up to.

Oh, and regarding the Takai thing, it's as much Takai's fault as Shatner's. Takai never seemed to understand that he was a bit player beside the SHAT. Nick Meyer backs SHAT up too, that scene was cut because it was extraneous.
I agree 100%. The "little four" never understood the show wasn't about them, it was about the "big three." If you want to see Takai in a lead role in ST, watch the "Flashback" or whatever it was called ep of VOY where they revist some of the big Sulu scenes in ST VI in greater detail.


That's what I thought of his performance and not in a good way....
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