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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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I'll drop it when you drop it. Ever since I started posting here you have had a negative bias against me, all because one poster who was BANNED for being a trouble maker told you something about me. Honestly I dont know why the word of a known trouble maker was taken instead of giving a new poster the benefit of the doubt.
If you have a problem with how you've been treated you take it to pm. How many times do we have to tell you this? If you can't get a resolution in pm then you can take it to the Moderator Actions forum. Naturally, any posts or pms that pertain to the issue would be made available there.

Now, I've given you a public apology. You have the option to either be gracious and accept it or you can keep trolling in this thread. If you do not drop it though you will get an official warning.
I'm certainly less inclined to bash Voyager now, it is not nearly as bad a show as many people make it out to be. - TheGodBen

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