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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Actually, this is one of very few cases where I think there's a legitimate case for making an American remake of a British show (unlike, say, the attempt at an American 'Red Dwarf'). This show is essentially about the culture shock between time periods, and since American and Britain had/have different cultures (particularly in the Los Angeles region, which is where the new show will be set), the American version--if done well--won't just be a retread but should have all new vistas to explore usign the same premise.
As captcalhoun said, it's being set in New York, not Los Angeles. Also: the British show took place in Manchester, and I honestly believe that most Americans would have difficulty penetrating the accents.

What I don't get is why the American show is sticking with the early seventies timeframe as the British counterpart - it seems to me that placing it in the mid-sixties, contemporaneous with the civil rights and counterculture movements, would have a lot more dramatic potential.
Not if it's set in New York. If you're setting it in L.A. or D.C. or Baltimore or anywhere in the South, then yeah, the 1960s makes more sense, but if you're doing New York, the 1970s are way more rife for storytelling. The city was a completely different place 35 years ago.
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