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Re: British Judicial Robes In A 'Star Trek' Makeover

Urgh. Pathetic Daily Mail drivel about them "throwing away" 300 years of tradition. Only 18 months ago they were crying and bawling about "ridiculous looking" judges' robes costing the taxpayer 500,000 a time. Wigs have been in and out of fashion for hundreds of years; in ten years time a new wig design will be unveiled. I await the headline on the Mail's front page in May 2018 that will say something along the lines of "Absurd Wigs to be Introduced into Civil Courts at a Cost of 100bn!!!"

Back on topic, they look nothing remotely like Star Trek costumes. Apart from the red. They should have based the look on the DOOP skirts from Futurama; Lord Hoffman in white go-go boots. Phwoar.
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