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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Welcome to the board. I hope you keep posting.

Thank you, and I plan too
Funny, I grew up on TNG, loved DS9, thought VGR had its moments (fewer and farther between once Jeri Ryan joined the cast), and my stepdad introduced me at 8 with Wrath Of Khan.

I think there are two reasons I never got into DS9 1. They didn't really travel anywhere and it was the adventures of travelling that I liked best 2. I was in the mindset that NOTHING could ever compete with TNG and by the time Voyager came around my mindset changed and Voyager became my new fav with TNG a close second.

I hated the reason why Jeri Ryan was added to the cast, I resented her but I think in the long run I came to accept her character. Not love it, but accept it.

Nice to see both our stepdad's had involvement in our discovery of Trek!
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