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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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As for today, all I really have to say is Spurs ? Champions League ? You're havin' a laugh!

Anyone remember when that bunch of overpriced losers were supposed to knock us out of the top four ? Now they can't even finish in the top ten.
I mentioned way before this season started that the Spurs wouldn't displace Arsenal from the top 4. Their porous defense wasn't fixed over the last summer so it was pretty clear that they wouldn't challenge for that UEFA CL spot.

Anyways congratulation to McBride, the rest of the Americans and Fulham for staying up.

Congratulation to Manchester United for winning their 2nd Premiership in a row.

Congratulation to Ryan Giggs for winning his 9th title. A true British football legend.

Now Chelsea I hope you guys twat them Manc bastards in the Champions league final so I won't have to hear an endless stream of bragging from all the United fans in this school.

Congratulation to Roma for closing on Inter today in the Scudetto race. I hope you guys eclipsed them next week which would make my day even if Milan do miss out on the Champions league spot.
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